Worm Composting Bins

Want to start worm composting at your house? Here’s a selection of commercial worm bins for you to browse.

Worm Composting Bins

Worm composting bins are an excellent way to create compost at home. They can be used indoors or outside. Worms help speed up the rate of composting, and the end result will also be top of the line compost that you can use for your lawn or garden, as worm castings are fantastic fertilizer.

Worm Cafe Vermicompost Bin

The Worm Cafe Vermicompost Bin is an excellent worm bin to own. It utilizes three rectangular trays, has a non drip design, is made from recycled plastic, and turns organic waste into worm tea and worm castings very easily. It’s also easy to use, and comes with a form farm bedding block, so you don’t have to worry about lining the inside of the compost bin with newspaper.

Worm Composter Vermicomposting Bin

The Worm Composter Vermicomposting Bin is another excellent worm composter. This bin is designed to use less plastic than other worm composting bins. It’s compact, but with the right amount of worms and materials, can get the job done with no problem. It consists of both the top bin that holds the worms, and a platform to hold the bin – so you don’t have to worry about pests easily getting into your compost bin. Compost tea drains out of the center of this bin. However, there is no spigot, so if you wish to drain the compost tea, simply place a cup or a bowl underneath the center drain and you’re good to go.

Can O Worms Round Worm Composting Bin

The Can of Worms Worm Composter is a round, multi-tiered vermicompost bin that is easy to assemble and is made from 100 percent recycled plastic. It features a spigot at the bottom in order for you to drain worm tea (which is rich in nutrients), and the composter itself can hold up to 20,000 worms! This will produce a great deal of worm castings and make composting easy in your lawn or garden.

Pet Poop Composter

The Pet Poop Composter can aid you in composting pet waste from your furry friend. It is a multi-tiered compost bin that sits at ground level and has a drain for worm tea and excess to drain into the soil. It’s a simple compost bin, and works excellent with coco fiber as well. Check it out.

Recycled Plastic Worm Composting Stackable Bin

The Recycled Plastic Worm Composting Stackable Bin is a multi-tiered worm bin that comes with everything you could ever possibly need to get started with worm composting, including stacking trays and base, an instruction book, a brick of coir, shreddedd paper, ventilation tips, a spigot, a worm tea collection tray, and assembly screws. It’s also available in black, terra cotta, and green. This is a great worm bin to use in your garden.

Stackable Worm Bin

The Stackable Worm Bin is a vermicomposter that comes with three trays, a lid, a base, and a spigot for draining compost tea. It’s available in three different colors (black, terra cotta, and green), and has extra fourth and fifth trays available in case you plan to do a little more composting that average. It’s a compact and great bin to have for all fans of vermicompost.

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