6-10-07, Worms are Happy


Click on the video above to see how our worms are doing!

The worms seem very happy, especially that the cooler weather is gone for good. Summer has arrived, and with it, a few new challenges. Our worm bin was in a shady spot during the spring, but now the sun is starting to hit it during the late morning hours.

I noticed the materials inside were starting to dry out pretty quickly, especially around the edges. At first I just sprayed the compost material with a spray bottle every couple days. Now that our daily temperatures are averaging around 90 degrees, I went ahead and moved the bin to a spot that stays shady almost all day long. This helps, but I still have to use a spray bottle at least once a week to keep the material moist.

Another thing that’s happening is because of the low humidity, we’re not collecting much liquid from the bin. I think that’s also related to the fact that we’re probably around 20-30% capacity for our worms. I’m guessing we have around 400 worms in there, instead of the 2000 we started with.

Things we’re adding to the bin these days:

Old lettuce, corn cobs, corn husks, washed egg shells, moistened paper egg cartons, and coffee filters with coffee grounds.

I’m the only person who drinks coffee at home, so it’s a filter (unbleached) for a one-cup coffee maker.

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Phillip November 8, 2007 at 10:19 am

Hopefully your worms didn’t dry up and you solved you problem. I used a sheet of plastic just on top of the compost to hold in and create moisture. I live in West Texas and it gets real dry. The worms seem to like it cling to it. This was an easy fix for me and I don’t have to spray it anymore.. I also realized that I needed to just let the worms be and not fool around with it as much as I was.. For awhile I was feeding and checking everyday and growing frustrated due to lack of worm spottings. Now, after letting them adjust they are multiplying like crazy.

Again I hope your worms are doing better and I hope that this might be little helpful..

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